Quiz 2.3 - A.I.

Activity Quiz

Problem 1:

Flood Identify factors that can be used to predict flood (predict where/when it would happen and the damage it would cause). For each factor, identify if it is positively or negatively correlated to the flood and how to obtain the data. The first two were given. One more to go.

Forest prevents flood 1.1) We can predict flood using forest density as input. This data is negatively correlated to the flood. More trees means less flood (trees absorb water and block the flood path).   The forest density data can be retrieved from satellite imaging.
Garbage causes flood 1.2) We can predict flood using the amount of garbage as input. This data is positively correlated to the flood. More garbage means more chance to be flood (garbage blocks drain and sewage pipes). The amount of garbage can be retrieved from the municipality. They have records of garbage collection each month.
??? 1.3) We can predict flood using ...


Problem 2:

PM2.5Ultra-fine dust (known as PM2.5) currently affects a massive number of people in the metropolis. It is known that most of the dust come from vehicles. To reduce dust particles, we should encourage people to use public transportation instead of personal cars.  Assuming that we had the system that charges every personal car driving on the road (the road fee as used in Singapore and many countries). Identify 3 factors that should be put into accounts for calculating the road fee. For each factor, describe how it it is related to the dust and how the system uses that data to charge the drivers. The first two were given. One more to go.

Road fee 2.1) Density of vehicles on the road determines the density of dust particles. More vehicles stuck in the traffic will continuously generate dust. The system should count the number of vehicles getting in and out of the area. If there are too many vehicles already, those who try to enter the area will have to pay more road fee.
Car pool2.2) It is OK to use a personal car if it is full of passengers. The problem comes from those who drive alone. The system should have the image processor that counts the number of passengers in each private car. If the driver is alone, he/she will have to pay more road fee.
???2.3) ...

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