ASG 4B - Adding reservation

Add the following reservations using room settings from the previous assignment:

Reservation 1

Name: Will K. Jackson

From: U.K.

(Add to the customer database.)

Room: Deluxe Twin

Check-in: 6 Apr 2021

Check-out: 8 Apr 2021

#Nights: 2

#Adult occupants:

#Children: -

Paid/Confirmation: Full payment received/Reservation Confirmed

Reservation 2

Name: Jina Hawk

From: Philippines

(Add to the customer database.)

Room: Superior Double

Check-in: 6 Apr 2021

Check-out: 9 Apr 2021

#Nights: 3

#Adult occupants: 2 

#Children: 1

Paid: Guaranteed by a credit card/Reservation Confirmed

Create a backup in the .sdf format and upload the file below.