ASG 3 - Google Forms


1. Create an online survey using Google Forms following the Word document given below.

Soft Drink Survey <- Click to download

2. If you are using the organizational G-Suite (SSRU Mail), on the "Settings" menu remove the restriction (See Figure 1).

3. On the "Response" tab, create a new Spreadsheet. The linked spreadsheet should be saved in the same Google Drive folder as your from.

4. Set the spreadsheet file sharing to "Allow anyone with the link" to "view" your spreadsheet (See Figure 2).

Figure 1 Figure 2
Figure 1 Figure 2


To submit, start a new discussion below. In the "Title" box, identify your "First Name" and "Last Name". In the "Message" box, post 2 links as follows:

  1. Your Google Form link. The link should ends with /viewform , NOT /editform or sharing. You can use a short URL.
  2. A link to your response spreadsheet, ending with ?usp=sharing




Respond to your friends' form

Each submission must have at least 5 responses. You can do this by helping each other responding to the forms. Doing this will also help identifying mistakes. Inform your friends as soon as possible if there forms cannot be opened or if you see something weird.

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