G-Suite account

Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University provides Google G-Suite accounts for all students.

Default login:

Email: s63__(your student ID)___@ssru.ac.th

Password: ssru63__(your student ID)__

This Google account can be used with most of Google services including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Google Docs/Slides/Sheets, etc. It can also be used with Google Play and YouTube as well.

Using a Google G-Suite account (@ssru.ac.th) gives you several benefits.

  • You have unlimited Google Drive cloud storage (a personal account has 15 GB limit).
  • Using the university email helps verifying your student status. It gives you more credit when applying for an internship or a job. Some online shops give you student discount if you use a university email.
  • Special features when using particular apps such as Google Meet and Google Classroom.

G Suite


  • A G-Suite account is supposed to be a formal account. You will use this email to contact lecturers, the university staffs, and outside businesses. Keep using your real identity and a formal profile picture.
  • This account is managed by the IT center, main campus. Our staffs here at Nakhon Pathom campus cannot help you with your G-Suite account. Therefore, please keep your accounts secured by:
  1. Change your password (and please remember your new one).
  2. Set up a mobile number.
  3. Set up a recovery email.

Last modified: Sunday, 2 August 2020, 7:05 PM