Office 365 account

Before you can register for the Office 365 Education (SSRU), you must obtain your G-Suite account ( Be sure you can access your Gmail inbox using the SSRU account before proceeding.

There are two methods to claim your Office 365 account. Try Method 1 first. If not success, then use Method 2.

Method 1

  1. Go to the Office 365 Education page:
  2. Enter your SSRU mail in the "Enter your school email address" box.
  3. Proceed with the registration. Identify that you are a "Student" if being asked. Once finish, your temporary password will be sent to your SSRU mail inbox.
  4. You may complete your profile and change the password from any Microsoft service.

Method 2

  1. Fill in this Google Form This form requests that you login with the SSRU G-Suite account.
  2. The IT center will manually create an account for you. This will take several business days.

Usage and Benefits

Your Office 365 account can be used with most of the Microsoft services as follow:

  • Unlimited OneDrive cloud storage (a personal free account only receives 5 GB), similar to Google Drive. You may install a shared folder on your personal computers and mobile devices. You can also access your files anywhere via a web browser.
  • Use Microsoft Office apps (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint) on the web and mobile. There is no installation required for using via a supported web browser (Edge, Chrome, Safari, FireFox, ...). Mobile users may need to install applications (available on iOS and Android). Your files will be automatically saved and synced via OneDrive. However, web apps have limited functions compared to the desktop apps.
  • Your package (A1+) includes licenses for Microsoft Office desktop apps (up to 5 devices). Log into using your Office 365 account (SSRU) and you will see the download option.
  • Join or create classes or meetings via Microsoft Teams, similar to Google Classroom. The Microsoft Teams also include a powerful video conference tool, similar to Google Meet.
  • Create questionnaires, surveys, and quizzes via Microsoft Forms, similar to Google Forms.
  • Upload and publish your videos via Microsoft Stream, similar to YouTube.
  • Create a web blog via Microsoft Sway, similar to Google Sites.
  • A powerful whiteboard app, if you have a touchscreen.
  • Etc.
Note that the Outlook email service is not included, since the university can choose only one email service provider and we choose Gmail.

Log into to see the full list of Office 365 apps.
Office 365 apps

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