Instruction for quiz

Read the instruction carefully before starting each quiz. You need to know:

  • When will the quiz starts and ends? -- You should submit your attempt before the due date.
  • How many times you can attempt the quiz? -- In most cases, you can attempt the quiz only once.
  • Is there any time limit? -- If yes, the countdown timer will start once you start the quiz.
  • Can you check your answers before submitting? Is there a penalty for trial and error? -- Some quizzes allow students to check if their answers are correct before submitting. In some cases, there will be penalty if chosen the wrong answer.


>>>>>Sample quiz<<<<<

For the above example

  • There is no starting time, so you can begin your attempt right away. The attempt has to be submitted before 31 Aug 2020 at 11:55 PM (5 minutes before midnight), BKK local time (GMT+7).
  • You can attempt this quiz only once.
  • Once started, you have to finish it within 15 minutes. When the time runs out or the due date is reached (the earlier one), the quiz will end.
  • You can check your answers before submitting without any penalty.

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