Google Meet

Google Meet ( is a video conference service from Google. Many classes use Google Meet for real-time online teaching and learning. Using a desktop or laptop, Google Meet can be used on the web. Mobile users will need to install an application (available on iOS and Android).

The lecturer will first create the meeting and inform students how to join. There are several methods to join the meeting as follow:

  • Join by clicking on the full link (e.g., The link will be given through a channel identified by your lecturer (should be either Line or email).
  • Join by identifying a meeting id (e.g., goz-qgou-ypg) on the web app or a mobile app. Note that the meeting id is also a part of the full URL.
  • Join by using a meeting nick name. This option is only available when using a G-Suite account.
  • A permanent meeting link will be generated for each Google Classroom.


Google Meet


  • If you are joining from the same room (e.g., your dorm or your home), there should be only one active microphone and speaker. Otherwise, there will be feedback noise. Using mobile headsets is highly recommended.
  • Meet recordings may not available, depending on the lecturer's decision.

Last modified: Sunday, 2 August 2020, 8:10 PM