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Kahoot! is a fun interactive quiz game. It is often played inside a small classroom. But it can also be assigned as a homework.

To play Kahoot! with your friends in the class, browse to https://kahoot.it or use your mobile app (available on iOS and Android). Enter the game pin, a 6-digit number, assigned by the teacher and your nick name. You don't need an account to play Kahoot! but you may create one to save your display name.

Kahoot! Game Screen

If you play Kahoot! with your friends and teacher in the class, your device will only display buttons to click. Questions and choices only show on the teacher's screen.


Each question, you have a limited time to answer. Points will be determined from (1) whether your answer is correct and (2) how fast you responded. At the end of the game, the leaderboard will show up.

Kahoot! Leaderboard

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