Line Group & OpenChat

Line application is the main communication tool used by many educators and learners. There are two options for using Line for facilitating individual class.

1. Line Group

Create or join a Line Group is easy and straightforward. Try this one.

Line Group QR code

  • In the Line Group, you will use your actual profile.
  • Group members will see your current profile name, profile picture, and status update.
  • Any group member can add you as a friend, and vice versa.
  • Any group member can send you a private message, and vice versa.
  • Available functions: photo sharing, video sharing, albums, notes, files, voice call, video call, etc.

In a small class, the teacher may rename all students individually. Note that custom names are only available if both are friends, and only visible by the person who added the names. 

In a big class, there will be difficulty in identifying students. And some students might feel uncomfortable to reveal their real profiles.

2. Line OpenChat

Create and join a Line OpenChat is a little bit complicated. There are several benefits and limitations as follow.

Line OpenChat QR code

  • In the Line OpenChat, you will create a new profile to be used only with that chat room. For this, the teacher may ask you to use your real name and profile picture in the OpenChat.
  • OpenChat members CANNOT see actual profiles of one another. 
  • OpenChat members CANNOT add other members as friends through OpenChat. Adding friends must be done outside the open chat room.
  • OpenChat members cannot send private messages.
  • Albums, voice call, and video call are unavailable in the OpenChat.

Note that the teacher, or the chat owner, DOES NOT have the privilege for any of the above limitations when using OpenChat.

Last modified: Sunday, 16 August 2020, 6:01 PM