Zoom cloud meeting

Zoom cloud meeting (https://zoom.us) is a private video conference service. It is widely used during the COVID-19 pandemic and has become the world's most popular video conference platform. However, the free service (determine by the meeting owner) only allows the maximum of 40 minutes per session. Some teachers may obtain a license and use this platform for online teaching. 

Using Zoom on a desktop, you have to download and install a Zoom meeting client (available for free on the official website). Using Zoom on mobile, you will have to download and install the application (available on iOS and Android).

To join the meeting hosted by your teacher, students (participants) don't need any account. Or you may create a free account, or log in with Google, to save your display name and profile photo. The teacher will send you an invitation (via Line or email) like this:

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 912 8204 7965

Passcode: 836Wq2

You can join the meeting by clicking on the link (which will force you to open the app). Or you may open the app first and enter the meeting ID (and a password if assigned).

Zoom Logo


  • If you are joining from the same room (e.g., your dorm or your home), there should be only one active microphone and speaker. Otherwise, there will be feedback noise. Using mobile headsets is highly recommended.
  • Recordings may not available, depending on the lecturer's decision.

Last modified: Sunday, 16 August 2020, 9:21 PM