Things to consider

Before implementing the technology for assessment and evaluation, there are many things to consider. Inappropriate use may lead to several problems.

1. What to assess?

  • Knowledge --> Autograded quiz
  • Hard Skill --> Assignment submission with rubrics
  • Soft Skill --> Standardized test, Questionnaire, Self- and peer assessment
  • Attitude --> Questionnaire
  • Behavior --> Self-report, Peer assessment

2. Is it a formative or summative assessment?

A formative assessment is not serious. It can be fun. But imagine what would happen if the testing system or the internet failed during the final exam. Also think how to proceed if student progress disappears from the system. A summative assessment requires alternative solutions and regular backup.

3. Facilities

Using technology means you need hardware (e.g., computer, laptop, smartphone, ...), software (e.g., Moodle, Google Apps, ZipGrade, ...), and services (e.g., internet, server, IT support, ...). Some technologies, such as MOOC, require hi-end platforms. Some technologies, such as Kahoot, require fast and stable internet.

4. School policies

Even with all required elements, the technology cannot be used without supports from the school. Some schools do not allow students to use mobile devices. Some schools have website access restrictions.

Last modified: Tuesday, 24 November 2020, 12:15 PM