Limitations & solutions

A certified online examination system, called a proctored exam, is expensive. We need to use what we have but keep in mind that these could happen.

  • Students will try to open their books or any material they have.
  • Students will try to use Google and open websites.
  • Students will help each other, sharing answers
  • Students will do a screen capture

We can do our best to prevent these. But there is no way to completely stop them from cheating. Try the following solutions to minimize the problem.

  • Use an open-book test
  • Use open-ended questions (apply penalty for plagiarism)
  • Give them just enough time to finish
  • Assign a take-home examination (apply penalty for plagiarism)
  • For online examination with multiple-choice questions:
    • Shuffle the questions and have the quiz runs in a sequence (cannot go back)
    • Create a question bank (very effective but time-consuming)
  • Do not use the same exam papers on the proceeding semesters.

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