FAQ on the Spark AR

1. Why can't I export my AR? The rendering process stops in the middle.

- That was due to the computer performance. A 3D rendering process often requires a computer with a decent GPU. It might have worked if you chose a 3D model that is not too complicated.

2. Why do I have to login using my Facebook account? Is it safe?
- Spark is developed and managed by Facebook. If you have finished testing 1.1, you should know how to check the owner of the service. 

Spark AR URL

They have already had the right to see your information since you registered on Facebook, even though you don't use Spark.

3. Is this service free?

- Spark is free to download and use. The publish of your work is also free of charge. Conditions are (1) you must not use copyright or inappropriate materials, and (2) your created filters only works on Facebook & Instagram.

4. What is a copyright concern?

- If you strictly follow the instruction, I only included non-copyright materials. All assets (e.g. 3D models) appear in the Spark library are not copyrighted. You may need to register for the Sketchfab to use their free materials. If you import assets from the outside (images, videos, models, music, ...), there you will need to concern about copyright of those materials you bring in.

5. What if I upload my AR to the Spark hub but don't publish it?

- Your AR will be available for only 50 scans.

6. How to publish my AR?

- A publishing process requires a few more steps. You can try that. You will need to provide a short description how your effect works. You will also need to attach a video of yourself or someone using your AR. Facebook reviewer boards will take some time to review your effect (1-5 business days). They will check if (1) your effect works as described, (2) there is no copyright infringement, and (3) there is no inappropriate content such as adult content or drug. A simple face decoration should take less than a day to review. Once they approve, there will be no scan limit and your effect will be available worldwide.

Spark AR approved

Once published successfully, you can share the "Preview link" to your friends. That looks like this:


Last modified: Wednesday, 29 January 2020, 8:39 AM